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giovedì 22 aprile 2010

DNA Reverse Complement with Ubiquity for Firefox

Due to my lazyness and headcache staring at the monitor to create a reverse complement of a DNA strand, I create a simple Ubiquity command which does it for you.
It is easy to use:
  • select the DNA strand in plain text format (I preferably use this command for Primer3)
  • activate Ubiquity (usually CTRL + Space)
  • write the command revcomp
  • you will see the reverse-complement counterpart of the DNA sequence you selected
  • to copy it just press enter and it will be copied in your clipboard
It is also possible to use it without selecting a sequence but writing it directly into Ubiquity.

To see the help, just write in Ubiquity: help revcomp

Install it: click here.

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