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domenica 22 maggio 2011

SYBIR: Synthetic Biology Ideas Reactor

Everything started with this tweet of mine:

I often have ideas about synthetic biology project and I'd like to discuss them with other people, getting feedback, improving the idea and why not find someone who could realize that.
Using Ubuntu I'm familiar with Ubuntu Brainstorm (click on the link to understand what is it and how it works) and I thought that it is a clever and very democratic system to talk about ideas and to improve something (in this case the Ubuntu OS).

It's based on IdeaTorrent:
an "open innovation software": it lets people submit their ideas, brainstorm them, and vote on them. The most popular ideas and requests are then easily assessable.
So I involved in my project on porting IdeaTorrent to Synthetic Biology my friend Gerd Moe-Behrens from Leukippos Institute (follow him on Twitter, he is very active user with a lot of tweet about synbio: @Socrates_Logos). He is very enthusiastic about the project indeed he started a conversation on his website to outline the main features that the project shoud have and I warmly recommend you to join it and to share your thoughts and ideas.

How will it be different from IdeaTorrent?
Our customizations will be these:
  • every user (researcher, lab, interested person) has a unique id which can be used on publication as a reference to the SYBIR site
  • there will be the chance for lab to sign up; the user signed as Lab will be able to choose to develop a specific idea, doing experiments and writing papers on it and everything will be public on the page of idea itself making the feedback from other users an important part of the process
This is still a work in progress therefore if you have any other ideas, suggestions or you want to be an active part of this project you have just to write on the page of the Leukippos Institute.

The big issue with this project is the license an idea should have and how every part contributing to the idea should be rewarded (more on the page of Leukippos Institute).

I hope you could join us and making this happening either better and faster.
SYBIR (SYnBio Ideas Reactor):
Easy to use idea submitter for people with an interest in synthetic biology

Join us here:

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